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About Us

We strive to provide a natural setting for horses that are recuperating from neglect.  In doing so, we have four separate grazing areas.  Each of these areas has specific horses separated by personality type, feed need, medical need, and/or rebuilding trust and human contact need.

Each horse is given a specific diet necessary to meet each horse's needs from hay amount to grain and supplements. Their teeth are provided dental care, hooves are trimmed, and vaccines are provided.

We allow each group outdoor time as often as possible to embrace their need to be with other horses in a safe herd environment.

Most horses are blanketed through inclement weather.  This is a way to manage their weight, rather than their ability to be out in all weather conditions.  As horses become cold, they utilize their feed intake and any fat stores to thermoregulate their bodies.  These horses generally have no fat, nor a way to take in enough feed to gain weight to keep themselves warm in cool to cold temperatures.  Without blankets, they would continue to lose weight, despite adequate feed.

We hope you can help these horses with your financial contribution.  They need your help.
About Us:

Mission of the United SPCA:
Our mission is to promote education to end animal cruelty, support all people in learning about proper care of animals, promote the human~animal bond, and provide support to law enforcement in their work to end animal cruelty.

Vision of the United SPCA:
To be the standard of excellence in equine sheltering by providing the highest quality medical care, health management, and stabling to deprived, abused, and mentally traumatized horses through rehabilitation, community partnerships, and education.  

United SPCA Values:
For the animals, volunteers, community, and all involved with the United SPCA, we value: 
  • Safety in managing horses, the shelter, and equine transportation
  • Compassion for the needs of the horses without limitation
  • Integrity in all interactions with horses, law enforcement, and the community
  • Education to the public 
  • Excellence in care
Since 2010, the United SPCA has been a shelter connecting with law enforcement, horse owners, and youth groups offering shelter for abandoned, neglected, starving, and abused horses; providing outreach to those owners who can no longer afford to care for their horses, and education to the public about multiple topics including animal cruelty and how we can end it, body condition scoring, equine nutrition, rehabilitation, etc.

The human-animal bond is strengthened here at the shelter.  The United SPCA, a non-profit organization, provides rehabilitation in the form of hay, grain, pastures, stalls, medical care, vaccinations, deworming, and appropriate supplementation for those horses transitioning away from their prior lives of neglect into normalcy. In addition to the obvious increased need of nutrition, attention, brushing, and time spent with caring human beings is key to their recovery. Some of these horses come to us with mental and physical alterations caused by human hands, they are the forgotten few among the thousands of horses in caring homes.  

Our healing strength at this shelter is through volunteers who, with or without equine experience, are able to change the lives of these horses for the better.  A gentle brush, a calming voice, a warm blanket, or turn-out to sunny pastures; our volunteers are key to success in rebuilding the human-animal bond.

Shelter operations are managed by a dedicated board of directors, with animal medical care provided by a veterinarian.  All horses are maintained on a 6-8 week farrier schedule, industry standard deworming, dental, and vaccination schedule as their health allows during recovery.

Board Positions:
If you would like to become part of our directing board members, willing to see our mission through in times of reduced donations, please contact uspca@comcast.net.

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