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Foster Application


Thank you for your interest in fostering horses for the United SPCA.  Fostering is a rewarding, life saving experience.  All foster homes must be experienced horse owners with no record of animal cruelty, neglect, or complaints of thin or underfed animals on the property.  All animals must be kept on your property or in a boarding facility approved by the United SPCA via site inspection. Foster homes must own their own horse trailer. All cost of care is the foster responsibility. Deworming and vaccinations may be requested of the United SPCA as needed dependent on that animal's veterinary needs. You will be liable for any damage to the animal while in your care. You must sign a liability agreement before you accept a Foster. Fosters must remain in Oregon. If you are interested in fostering horses for us, please fill out the form below, and a foster packet will be mailed to you.

Horses in the foster program will be matched to your skill level to our best ability. Thank you for your support of the United SPCA. Your foster support allows rescue and rehabilitation of more horses. 

Applicant Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
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Zip Code: (5 digits)
Co-Applicant Information
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Contact Information
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Foster Matching Request
Useage Type:
Hay fed year round?:
Feed Cost/Mth:
Veterinarian / Phone: *   
Farrier / Phone:
Personal Reference/Phone::
Years of Equine Experience:
Experience Level:
Property Information
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Cost of Horse Care/Mth:  (USD)
Additional Expense for Pasture::   (USD)
Other Information:
I authorize the United SPCA to verify my farrier and veterinarian relationships, lawful background check, driving record if needed.

Fostering Program

Horse fostering conditions vary.  Some horses may need special feed and be critically underweight, be approaching a foaling date into weaning, rehabilitating from lacerations or other wounds.  Some horses need fostering to provide training to become better partners for adoption. Your experience is needed so that we may continue our support of those horses that would otherwise die without our support.  Thank you for your generosity in thinking of or becoming a foster family.

Basic responsibilities as a foster, this is not an inclusive list:

-Provide stall and turn-out or paddock
-Provide hay (15 pds/day minimum)
-Provide supplements as directed
-Provide constant clean water 
-Farrier care every 6-8 weeks
-Gentle handling only is allowed
  (dependent on weather)
-All liability is that of the foster 

Minimum Trailer Requirements
  • Must be licensed for the intended use of hauling animals
  • Must have appropriate lights/brakes to drive  on the Oregon road system
  • Tires must have at least 1/4" of tread
  • Have a covered roof along the entire length of the trailer / cage
  • Must have no rust-through on any wall, door, or floor
  • Must have front windows/guard to prevent direct air blowing on the animal's face to prevent eye trauma
  • Floor boards must be in good condition, no dry rot
  • Doors must be able to be securely closed
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