United Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

One-Time Donations, Sponsorship, Gifts, Honorarium

One-time donations provide for many needs at the shelter. Any amount is valuable in helping to prevent animal abuse, and provide education.

Sponsorship provides for monthly care of one or multiple animals at the shelter in the way of food, medical costs, farrier work, and other ongoing costs associated with direct care of animals at the shelter.

A Gift Donation is the perfect answer for holidays, birthdays or just because. A United SPCA gift donation makes a real difference in the fight to end animal cruelty and find permanent, caring homes for our horses and farm pets.

An Honorary Gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the special people, animals and events in your life—and give the gift of life for animals in need. Honorary gifts can consist of almost anything—money, bank accounts, life insurance policies, securities, works of art or real estate.  Additionally, you may establish a charitable remainder trust as a way to help our region's homeless animals. Please speak with your financial advisor or attorney for large gift amounts so that we may work with you to ensure your gift is appropriately honored. Thank you for keeing us in your plans! See our Estate Planning and Pets page for more information.

The United SPCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and receives no funding from the government, United Way or national animal groups. 

Your donations support our life-saving work with continuation to end neglect and abuse of animals, partnering with law enforcement to do so.  We so many times are only shown the lives of small animals treated in these horrible ways...there are thousands of large animals left to die, abused, mamed, and forgotten. 

There is a huge population of equine and farm animals, sometimes thought of as companion animals, that are also tragically mistreated. We choose not to forget these animals, please make that your choice as well.

Donations and other gifts are an important source of support in building a sound future for these neglected animals at the United SPCA. Your donations, whether one time, monthly, or as an annuity for years to come, makes a lifesaving difference.  Please support our mission.  For more information about the United SPCA, please see our "About Us" page.

Giving and Sponsorships

Sponsoring allows you to have donations deducted monthly from your account to support the horses at the United SPCA. With your monthly sponsorship our efforts to end cruelty and neglect may be continued and lives are saved.  Thank you for sponsoring today!

Sponsorship Options

One Time Donation; Any amount is appreciated! A $1.00 donation multiplied by many people makes a huge difference in the lives of these animals.  


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