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The United SPCA is an active participant in sheltering horses as well as assisting law enforcement at seizure locations to remove horses from neglect and cruel situations.

The United SPCA participates in its community areas to show the benefit that these horses can provide in improving the human-animal bond.  The United SPCA is an integral part for equine sheltering, education to youth and adults, and also provides animal disaster training to groups as requested. The United SPCA provides multiple avenues for public participation from volunteering, rehabilitation, fostering opportunities and community service.

A few, but not all, of these events have been identified and captured by the media to help inform the public of the need for our services. The photos and reports bring to light the amount of neglected horses in our State, and what you can do to help support our mission to end the suffering of neglected and cruelly treated horses and farm animals of all kinds when possible.

Join us with your donations to put an end to animal cruelty.
We are currently supporting the Polk County Sheriff with the near 50 horse seizure in Dallas Oregon. Although our name is not mentioned, we do give advice and support as needed. Many times our support is not recognized as we progress through these type of law enforcement cases behind the scenes and away from news cameras.

The United SPCA participates in community celebrations...all the horses included in parades were adopted directly from our shelter...


In the News...

Our president, Dr. Barbara Kahl, received Oregon's Animal Welfare Award for 2012.  


Click the links below, or copy and paste to your browser for stories involving the United SPCA and horses they have sheltered.

Horses Seized From South Salem 

Woodburn 9 Horses Seized from deplorable conditions

Silverton Seizure:

We need your financial support to continue our operations in our mission to end animal cruelty.

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