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During the year, multiple law enforcement seizures occur. We all are able to see what happens when the horses are taken due to outstanding media coverage.  After those animals have been taken, then what?  You will find a brief update of each seizure here.  Please keep in mind that not all animals are from law enforcement seizures to pass through our safe doors: 95% of all horses here are seized, the other 5% were owner surrenders.  With your donations, our work may continue. Please donate today.

Woodburn 2011

Silverton 2011

West Salem 2011

Dallas 2011

Cove Orchard 2011

South Salem 2012

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Woodburn 2011 : In January of 2011, 9 horses were taken from a muddy small paddock. They were near death.  Through months of rehabilitation, reconditioning, medical treatments, and farrier care, several of those horses found new homes.  One of the stallions, now a gelding, is being used for trails and education to the public.  A miniature horse is making his new home on a small farm of a a cancer survivor, and helping with public education at events such as the Hillsboro Farmer's Market; others have become childrens riding and ranch horses.

Silverton 2011 : February 2011, 5 horses were neglected.  Three of those horses were brought to the United SPCA.  Two of those horses are awaiting adoption at the shelter. The broke, Arabian mare was returned from foster after foaling a lovely buckskin colt in July 2011; the other mare is ready for saddling and riding training. You will be able to see both of those horses on our adoption page: Molly and Summer.

West Salem 2011 : May, a time when most horses are out on green pastures, lavishing in late spring grasses, did not happen for these 16 horses.  However, once they arrived here...it did. Following a two-week quarantine for disease, medical care, severely needed farrier care, these horses were able to be allowed to graze. Turn-out on to 18 acres with added 1 ton bales of green orchard grass hay provided by Tom Park of Dallas, at the amount of 2 tons every 10 days was fed, helping this group of horses come back to life.  Several were crippled, some had torn tendons in their legs, others had aged damage creating lameness and pain for life. For others they have retired to become family partners, ridden as wine country trail mounts, and horses for disadvantaged kids. A few still remain here waiting for adoption, ready to go to new careers and family situations.

News Release May 4, 2012: Marion Co. Sheriff's Office

One year to the day after Deputies seized 16 emaciated and malnourished
horses from a ranch on Skyline Road, in Salem, the owner of the horses,
Gabriel Elle Denison Buckner, faced the Honorable Judge Albin Norblad to
receive her sentence.  On April 26th, Buckner was convicted of 16 counts
of Animal Abuse 2 for her failure to properly care for the horses.

Judge Norblad sentenced Buckner to two years in jail, five years of
probation.  As a condition of her probation, Buckner is prohibited from
attending any shows for animals and cannot own or care for animals for
the next 5 years.

At the time of this arrest, Buckner was on probation in Deschutes
County for a prior conviction of neglecting 8 horses.  There is also a
1998 Deschutes County investigation into her abandoning and starving
several dogs and cats.

The cooperative effort to bring Buckner to justice included a lengthy
investigation by Sr. Deputies Martin Bennett, Brenda Lumley, and months
of volunteer care of the horses by Dr. Barbara Kahl of the United SPCA
in Newberg.

"Before" and "after" photos of three of the seized horses reflect the
treatment provided by United SPCA (http://www.unitedspca.org).  Dr. Kahl
commented. "These horses were in grave condition when they first arrived
here.  It's taken the last year to bring them back to the condition they
enjoy today."

After sentencing, Judge Norblad contacted Sheriff Jason Myers to
clarify the sentence given to Buckner.  Norblad ordered that she not be
released prior to serving her total sentence.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and the Oregon Animal Control
Council are working toward an aggravated neglect statute for the 2013
legislative session. If passed, this statute will make repeat offenses
of neglect, neglect in the presence of minors, and neglect of multiple
animals a felony offense.

Deputy Lumley reminds us that horses and other animals require regular
care, feeding and veterinary check ups.  Owners finding themselves
unable to meet these obligations should seek the assistance of a local
horse rescue agency, the Oregon Hay Bank
(http://www.oregonhaybank.org/), or Rescue Blankets in Sandy,

Deputy Lumley is a recognized expert in this field. She remains
available to offer advice and guidance to owners needing assistance. 
Please don't delay if your animals are suffering.  

Dallas 2011 : Most of the animals from this seizure have been adopted.  Two are now wonderful therapeutic riding center horses, one is the first horse for a very lucky teacher, and the rabbit is living its life out at a wildlife sanctuary. Hannah is awaiting her forever home, a stunning 14.2 hd Pinto Arabian that is broke needing a confident rider.

Cove Orchard 2011 :  Only three animals remain here at the shelter, all others have been placed into other situations. Of the three remaining are: Smokey, a beautiful mini-sheltand cross mare, in foal is suspected; Carmel, her filly from last year; and Little Bear, a colt also just entering his yearling year.  They are all doing well with daily handling.  Smokey however, is very shy and needs a quiet calm situation.  Our volunteers encourage her interaction through Miniature Horse and Pony Feed, and lots of talking and scratching.  She is progressing despite her years of trauma in her prior situation, unlike the little ones who endured months.  All will be wonderful family companions.

South Salem 2012 : Horses were taken in February from a feed barren, debris strewn paddock area.  Three of those horses were brought here.  All three responded to feed very well and began packing on the pounds.  Much attention has been given, their skin disease healed.  Although they lost their hair coats due to poor care, they have started growing back. One of the horses has been adopted,  two are available for foster while they recover. The two awaiting new homes are gaining weight daily, are sound, and are beautiful!  They love their apple snacks and carrots brought by volunteeers.  Their photos are not yet on the adoption page as their health has some time to improve before they are ready for new homes.

Please check back often to our website for updates, owner surrender horses, and seizure updates.  Thank you for your continued support of the United SPCA. 
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